Our Attractions

The childrens 'Chair o Planes' are a clear example of traditional funfair and will bring back memories of times past. This machine will ensure every child that rides has a memory of the funfair to cherish. Watch as the children scream and laugh on this classic fair ground ride as they swing in the air while listening to the sound of the music box.

The childrens dragon coaster is one for all the ages so the mammys and daddys can ride with the children. This is a great family attraction that can be enjoyed by all the family from newborns to the granny. The dragon runs around the track bringing a smile that would make any parents day.

The clown around is a great start for any child not fast like the other rides this one is for the smallest children. The ride is circus themed and has cars and parade floats and horses for the kids

Toy Town is a childrens carousel that lets the imagination go wild. For all ages of children with a double decker bus, fire truck, and many other toys to choose from this one will satisfy the most imaginative child. This machine has a variety of sounds and different vehicles and characters which makes toy town the childrens favorite on the fair

Looking for a trill then this is the ride for you. The Techno Jump will spin and jump you till you scream for more. This is the face of the modern funfair attraction with a beautiful light display and a ride that will satisfy any trill seeker.

The wave rave is a fast and exciting spin not scary like other thrill rides this one has the perfect balance between thrills and fun. A ride for nearly all the family

The waltzer will forever be a family favorite among young and old. This is one of the most popular rides on the fair and suits any riders taste go slow go fast its your choice.

Thrill seekers this is your ride the sky dancer will rock you side to side and up side down at the top and bottom. This is a fast and exciting spin that will get the blood pumping and thrill anyone.

The Force 10 is the ideal adrenalin rush for any rider not a scary ride but still high. This gives the sensation of a roller coaster loop and a family sky ride this is the perfect ride for all.

The Super Bob is a thrilling family ride that is enjoyed by young and old. A family favorite among the fair entusiasts this ride will give a rush with out the scare. A high speed ride to get the blood pumping truely the fastest ride on the fair.

The Bumpers are an all time favorite for all the family. It gives the small ones a chance to drive a car and the bigger ones the chance to crash into each other with out consequence. This ride brings the true traditional feeling of the funfair to everyone.

Hungry why wait? We have a first class canteen on the fair that serves hot and cold drinks, confectionary and a choice of hot food. No body goes hungry while this is around.

A funfair wouldn’t be a funfair with out games. we have a variety of games to please anyones taste. Win prizes for everyone its so easy even the small kids can play.

We also have a variety of inflatables for the kids and adults. These range from slides to bounces to gladiator arenas. Either way theres fun for all the family.